East Texas Woodturners' Association

Shop Dust Filters

by Rick Wilbanks

Updated Jul11, 2005

I do NOT have a dust collection system.  I DO have, finally, after years without them, two window unit AC's in my shop to keep the heat at bay.  They lower the temp in there about 10-15 degrees and that makes it better.
I knew the dust could be a problem with the filtering system on the AC units.  So I bought some simple, inexpensive, white, cut to fit AC filter material and placed it on the intake grill on the OUTSIDE of the grill.  The regular AC filter is still inside the grill.  I use this set up as a pre-filter and it is visible from anywhere in the room and when the dust collects enough, it is very easy to clean.  This way, I do not have to deal with the regular inside filter on the unit very often.  I hold the white filter on with clamps and wooden wedges.

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