East Texas Woodturners Association

Update: Feb11, 2018

2018 Schedule


January 20                   Tom Crosby        “What If”


February 10                  Danny King        “Pen Turning 101”                         


March 24                      Worth Holmes     “Production Turning”          


April 11, 2018               Rudy Lopez (Hands On) – Paul Coppinger’s Shop

April 12, 2018               Rudy Lopez (Hands On) – Paul Coppinger’s Shop

April 13, 2018               Rudy Lopez (Hands On) – Paul Coppinger’s Shop

April 14, 2018               Rudy Lopez (Hands On) – Club Demo Day


May 12                          Dennis Lorenz     “Emerging Bowls & Hot Melt Glue”


June 9                            Mike Connolly    “Celtic Knots”                                 


July 21                          Paul Coppinger   “Thin Vases”


August 11                      Dennis Ford         TBA


September 8                  John Wood         TBA


October 13                    Kelvin Burton     TBA


November 10                                             TBA


December 8                   Christmas Party



2017 Programs

January 21                   Dennis Lorenz     “Twisted Box”


February 11                  Dennis Ford         “Pie Crust Bowl”


March 4                        Paul Coppinger   “Clam Shell Box”


April 8                           Tom Crosby        “How To”

                                      Ed Heuslein

                                      Dennis Lorenz              


May 10                          Hands On            Paul Coppinger’s Shop

May 11                          Hands On           

May 12                          Hands On           

May 13                          Andy Chen          “Finials”


June 10                         Worth Holmes     “Off Center Turning”


July 8                            George Freeman  “Woods of Texas”


August 12                      Ken Wurtzel        “Techniques from David Elsworth


September 9                  Paul Coppinger   Natual Edge Crescent Bowl”


October 14                    Kelvin Burton     “Dealing with Cracked Wood”


November 11                Sharon Ayres      “From Wood to Rust”


December 9                   Christmas Party                          


2016 Programs

Month                  Name                                      Program


Jan 9                    Kelvin Burton               Turning a Penguin


Feb 13                  Dennis Ford                  Spindles


Mar 19                 Tom Crosby                  One Piece Cup With Handle


Apr16                  Eric Lofstrom               Spindle, Engrain, Facegrain Techniques and Raindrop Sculptures

Apr 18                 Hands On – Paul Coppinger’s Shop (Monday)

Apr 19                 Hands On – Paul Coppinger’s Shop (Tuesday)

Apr 20                 Hands On – Paul Coppinger’s Shop (Wednesday)


May 14                Johnny Tolley               Beads of Courage Boxes


Jun11                  Worth Holmes              Game Call


Jul 9                     Jim Burt                        Candy Dispenser


Aug 13                 Robert Trimmell           Finial and Sanding


Sept 10                 John Wood                             Southwest Pot and Decorations


Oct 8                    Tom Crosby                  TBA


Nov 12                 Charles Brooks             Barely Twist Candy Stick and Small Bowl


Dec 10                  Christmas Party

2015 Programs

Month                  Name                                      Program


Jan10                   Tom Crosby                  Skew U


Feb14                   Paul Coppinger            Scab Bowl          


Mar21                  Richard Redman          TBA


Apr08                  Hands On – Paul Coppinger’s Shop, Keith Gotshall (www.keithgotshall.com)                

Apr09                  Hands On – Paul Coppinger’s Shop

Apr10                  Hands On – Paul Coppinger’s Shop

Apr11                  Hands On Demo – Keith Gotshall – TBA


May09                 Dennis Ford                  Turning thru the Bottom


Jun13                  Robert Trimmell           Creative Ways to Utilize an Elbow Tool


Jul11                         Charles Brooks              Enhancement  -  Pyro, Hand & Power Craving


Aug08                  Danny King                   Turning an Acrylic Pen Blank                


Sep12                   Dennis Squared            Two for Tops



Oct10                   Paul Coppinger            Double Offset Bread Knife




Nov14                  Kelvin Burton               Turning a Penquin


Dec12                   Christmas Party

2014 Programs

Month                  Name                                      Program


Jan 11                  Tom Crosby                  Inside Turning of Boxes Made Easy                                                      

Feb 08                  Robert Trimmell             Artistic Interpretations

Mar 01                 Mike Gray                       The Art of Chasing  Threads         


Apr 09                 Hands On Seminar – Coppinger Shop – Molly Winton

Apr 10                  Hands On Seminar – Coppinger Shop– Molly Winton   

Apr 11                 Hands On Seminar – Coppinger Shop– Molly Winton

Apr 12                 Club Demo –                 Molly Winton 


May 10                Ken Terrell                    Relief Carving


June 14                Dennis Ford                  Thin Wall Turning With A Light


July 12                 Jimmy Arledge             Where Is The Feather In the Crotch


Aug 09                 Charles Brooks             Small Vessels, etc


Sept 13                 Paul Coppinger            Offset Turning


Oct 09                  Potential Hands On – Coppinger Shop

Oct 10                  Potential Hands On – Coppinger Shop

Oct 11                  Club Demo – To Be Announced


Nov 08                 Steve Hagler                  Turning the Heart Inside Out


Dec 13                  Club Christmas Social


2013 Programs


Jan 05                  Tom Crosby                  “Short-necked Duck”

                             Denny Burd                  “Long-necked Duck”

Feb 09                  Robert Trimmell                     “Wall Hangings”              


Mar 02                 Delbert Dowdy              “Turning a Segmented Vessel”


Apr 12                 Joe Ruminski Class      Coppinger Shop

Apr 13                  Joe Ruminski Demo     “Projects for Beginners & Advanced”


May 11                ETW Club Challenge


June 05                Jimmy Clewes Class     Coppinger Shop                    

June 06                Jimmy Clewes Class     Coppinger Shop                             

June 07                Jimmy Clewes Class     Coppinger Shop                             

June 08                Jimmy Clewes Demo    To Be Announced                           


July 13                 Danny King                  “Pen Turning”                                                             


Aug 10                 Paul Coppinger            “A Platter with Rings on Front”


Sept 07                 Dennis Ford                  “Hollow Form Process”


Oct 12                  John Leonard               “Turning A Pepper Mill”


Nov 09                 Raul Pena                     “Turning A Nautilus”


Dec 14                  Club Christmas Social


2012 Programs

Jan 28                  Tom Crosby                  “Utilizing a Boring Bar”


Feb 11                  John Leonard               “From Wet to Dry Bowl”                     


Mar 03                 Dennis Ford                  “A Three Legged Bowl”                          


Mar 31                 Learn to Turn Program                                                        


Apr 14                  Stacy Hager                  To Be Announced                                    


May 05                ETW Club Challenge


June 06                Hands On Seminar        Coppinger Shop                   

June 07                Hands On Seminar        Coppinger Shop                            

June 08                Hands On Seminar        Coppinger Shop                            

June 09                Bob Rosand                   To Be Announced                          


July 07                 Sharon Ayers                “Eli AviseraJerusalem Stone” Platter”                    


Aug 11                 Charles Brooks             “From a Penny to a Gold Eagle”


Sept 08                 Paul Coppinger            “Turning on the Diagonal”                     


Oct 13                  Tom Crosby                  Easy/Cheap Mini--lathe Hollowing System”

                             Wayne Smith                How to Construct a Wood Burning System”


Nov 10                 John Leonard               Lets Make a Christmas Tree”

                             Paul Coppinger            “Beads-Ways to Make ‘Em


Dec 01                  Club Christmas Social          


ETW 2011 Programs



Jan 22                  Tom Crosby                  Beads of Courage Item Ideas

Feb 26                Dennis Ford                  Thin Stemmed Natural Edge Goblets


Mar 26                 Joe Berreth                             Introduction  to Air Brushing Techniques                                     


Apr 02                 Learn To Turn


Apr 30                 Ed Heuslein                   Hollowing From The Bottom


May 21                Robert Trimmel            Three Footed Bowl


June 08                Hands On Seminar       Paul Coppinger’s Shop

June 09                Hands On Seminar       Paul Coppinger’s Shop

June 10                Hands On Seminar       Paul Coppinger’s Shop

June 11                Jimmy Clewes               (Regular Meeting at TJC)


July 09                 Paul Coppinger            The Art of Finishing


Aug 13                 John Leonard               Turning a Platter with Embellishment


Sept 10                 Tom Canfield               Bowls for Beginners


Oct 08                       Kevin Basset                 Double Natural Edge Bowl


Nov 05                 Ken Terrell          Finial Vessels

Dec10                   Club Christmas Social


ETW 2010 Programs



Jan 23                  Brian Laing                  Rim & Bowl Profile Decoration     


Feb 13                  Cancelled due to Snow


Mar 20                 Tom Canfield               Bowl Turning for Beginners by

                                                                   a Beginner


Apr 10                 Robert Trimmel            To Be Announced


May 8                  Charles Brooks             Sculptural Details


June 12                Danny King                  Pen Turning


July 10                 Paul Coppinger            Rolling Pin With Stand


Aug 11                 Michael Mocho Class   Paul Coppinger’s Shop


Aug 12                 Michael Mocho Class   Paul Coppinger’s Shop


Aug 13                 Michael Mocho Class   Paul Coppinger’s Shop


Aug 14                 Michael Mocho             Club Meeting


Sept 11                 Norm Dixon                  To Be Announced


Oct 9                    Tom Crosby                  Captive Rings Developed with

                                                                   Skew and Nails


Nov 6                   William Gordy              To Be Announced


Dec 11                  Club Christmas Social


2009 Programs


Jan 10                  Norman Dixon               Assembled Pieces


Jan 31                  Tom Crosby                   Off Centered Potpourri Bowl


Feb 14                  Robert Trimmell             Creative Natural Edge Vessels


Mar 21                 “Learn to Turn”


Apr 4                             Charles Brooks               Creating Special Effects


May 9                  John Leonard                 Tormac System Review


June 10                Jimmy Clewes Class       Paul Coppinger’s Shop


June 11                Jimmy Clewes Class       Paul Coppinger’s Shop


June 12                Jimmy Clewes Class       Paul Coppinger’s Shop


June 13                Jimmy Clewes                Club Meeting


July 11                 Dennis Ford                    Turning without a Chuck


Aug 8                   Paul Coppinger                Flat Stock & Mini-Lathes


Sept 12                 Ken Terrell                     Fluting Demonstration


Oct 10                  Jimmy Arledge               Making A Vessel In A Box


Nov 07                 Coppinger/Heuslein         ABCs of Dyeing and Quick & Dirty Finishing


Dec 12                  Club Christmas Party

2008 Programs

Jan 12

Charles Brooks                                  “Inlays, Enhancements, Etc.”


Feb 9

Dan Henry                                          “Introduction to Rose Engine Lathe”

Feb 16

                                                            “Learn to Turn”

Mar 1

Tom Criswell                                      “Three Cornered Bowl from a Cube”

(Moved up due to Spring Break)                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Apr 12

Tom Crosby                                         “Odds and Ends”

May 10

John Leonard                                        “Coring Technique”

June 11

Alan Leland                                          “Potential Hands On”

June 12

Alan Leland                                           “Hands On”

June 13

Alan Leland                                           “Hands On”


June 14

Alan Leland                                           “Club Demo” To be announced.

July 12

Steve LeGrue                                         “ The Friendly Skew”

Aug 9

Paul Coppinger & Mike DeLong          “Miniature Hollow Vessels – KISS”

Aug 23

Shop Day at Paul Coppinger’s               “Making Miniature Hollowing Tools”

Sept 13

Jimmie Arledge                                      “Turning a Heart Spaced Bowl from a Limb Crotch”

Oct 4

Ken Terrell                                            “Finial Boxes”.

Nov 1

Norm Dixon

(Moved up due to Wooden Wonderland) “Demo to be announced”

Dec 13

                                                                Club Christmas Party

2007 Programs

Jan 13

Tom Crosby                                            “Lidded Bowls”

Feb 10

John Leonard                                          “Using the Beale System”

Feb 17

                                                              “Back to Basics Turning Day”

Mar 3

Ken Terrell                                             “Questions and Answers”

Mar 24

                                                              “Shop Day”  Postponed until further notice

Apr 14

Judy Williams                                          “Lace Bobbins”

May 12

Mark Anthony                                         “End Grain Plugging of Hollow Vessels”

June 7

                                                               “Hands On Day With Frank Penta”

June 8

                                                               “Hands On Day With Frank Penta”

June 9

Frank Penta                                             “Multi-Axis Platters”

July 14

Paul Coppinger                                        “Hand Chased Threads”

Aug 11

Ed Heuslein                                             “Rim Treatment”

Sept 8

Ken Terrell                                              “Finial Enhanced Hollow Vessels

Oct 13

                                                               “Club Day”

Nov 3

Norm Dixon                                             “Branching Out”

Dec 8



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