East Texas Woodturners' Association


Updated Apr02, 2015

The East Texas Woodturners Association (ETW) is a non-profit organization operating under a set of By-Laws by a

Board of Officers

Steering Committee.

The steering committee is open to any member in good standing and all are invited to attend. The President sets the agenda and chairs the meeting. Included in this committee are the following non-elected positions of responsibility:


        Newsletter Editor,



The steering committee meets monthly to conduct the general business of the club thereby freeing the monthly club meetings from long, drawn-out business discussions. Meetings are from 1-3pm at the TJC West Campus in Conference Room 101 on the Wednesday before the first Saturday of each month.

The club membership meeting is regularly scheduled for the second Saturday of each month for fellowship, some business, voting (if necessary), Show-and-Tell and for demonstrations of woodturning techniques.

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