East Texas Woodturners' Association


Updated Jan14, 2018



          The East Texas Woodturners Library of books and videos is available to all current members of the Club. Following are the rules governing the use of this facility.


1.     Current members, as defined in the By-Laws of the Club, may check out up to three (3) items per month, these items must be returned before additional items may be checked out.

2.     Members are responsible for items in their possession. Items lost or damaged will be replaced with an identical item or by reimbursing the Club the cost of such replacement.

3.     Copying or otherwise violating copyrights of these items is not  allowed.

4.     Before checking out items each member must agree to abide by these rules. A copy of these rules bearing the signature of the member must be on file in the Library prior to the initial use of the library.

I hereby agree to abide by the Library Rules stated above.




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